Grandfather Clock

Grandfather clocks. Elegant and beautiful pieces of antique China, these clocks have gracefully designed pendulums, with springs that run up and down the arms of the clock. As an antique clock, a grandfather clock has an older style than many of today’s clocks, with its tall hour hands and bell chimes. The pendulum is usually made of metal and has either a swing or coil arm.
A grandfather clock is usually a tall, freestanding,weight-driven, pendulum clock with an attached, free-swinging pendulum whose swinging motion will mechanically drive the hour hand of the clock to the precise hour mark. clocks of this kind are usually 1.8 inches tall. The case may contain ornate floral or engraving decorations on the top, which sometimes covers the dial or face of the timepiece. A gilded crown may sit above the dial. A pendulum of at least five inches drive is standard.
grandfather clocks were first created in the 1500s by an Italian artisan, Gius Lento. Known as “L Lento del Sasso,” the clocks in this style bear his name. The term “Lento” means “of the great master.”
The best-known Italian-made clocks were made by the Giesbors brothers, whose reputation for fine furniture grew together with their ability to create exceptionally high-quality clocks. These sturdy, well-balanced clocks are known by the term “Giett” or “Gottshall.” Two styles of grandfather clocks in this style are known as Gottshall and Gutta. Gottshall, which is also the oldest style, is known for its simple, clean lines, while Gutta has more of a geometric design to it. It is possible to differentiate between the Gottshall and Gutta styles by paying close attention to the minute details of the construction.
One of the most distinctive features of these sturdy clocks is their pendulums. Pronounced “sigh-TAH-then,” the pendulum in a Gottshall grandfather clock may be wound up to make the hour hand move faster. The minute weights at the bottom of the pendulums play a vital role in regulating the speeds of the swinging arms, which are powered by heavy wooden or metal weights.
In addition to having a hanging hour hand, the longcase clocks in this style also have large dials, called antiques, on which engraved writing may be found. To keep the hours on the dial from shifting as the sun moves around the clock’s hour markers, the hourglass in a grandfather clock may be rotated a full circle. Many of these elegant and exquisite clocks have been handed down through several generations of families. Some are so old that they are considered to be antique.

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